The Wall Of Tires: Facing Your Car Rim Options And How To Choose

Posted on: 8 March 2017


If you have never walked into an auto tire shop, you may be surprised when you come face to face with a wall of tires and a wall of car rims. The tires most people pass up, because, hey, they are mostly black tires. The wall of rims is the major draw, however, because few people can resist the shiny chrome of rims and all the fun things rims do now. If you are awestruck by your options and trying to figure out what new rims and tires to buy, here are a few helpful tips.


Basic includes your typical black tires in the correct size for your vehicle and aluminum rims, which are recyclable and highly prized by salvage yards. If, for whatever reason, your car becomes junk, salvage yards pay more for aluminum rims and high quality basic tires than they do for most other metal rims. It is something to consider if you are already driving around a clunker and do not expect your vehicle to last much longer.


Flashy tires include whitewalls and solid white rubber tires and rims that are colored. There are several rim manufacturers that now produce gold, red, black, white and cobalt blue rims for car enthusiasts that want a little more "oomph" to their rides. Most of these flashier tires and rims are available in most sizes, although they are not frequently carried in stock unless the demand is high. You may want to call your tire and wheel technicians before driving to the shops to see if they carry what you are looking for.


Tires really do not get much flashier, but rims do. In this category, you can get rims with alternating spinners, multiple colors, fascinating spoke and split-spoke designs, and even lighted rims. Some models and sizes are carried in-store, but others may need to be special-ordered. If you know your vehicle's tire size, call ahead to the tire shops and ask them if they carry a specific rim model and size. 

You can also get a competitive quote over the phone when you know what your super-flashy rims are going to cost. (The only thing that alters this cost is if you put them on yourself rather than have the shop technician install them.)  If you get rims that spin and light up, you may want the shop to install them so that there are no issues with the lighting feature.