Essential Tire Care To Improve Auto Performance And Reduce Wear

Posted on: 10 March 2017


Tires are very important parts of your car, which need maintenance just like the engine, transmission, or brakes. Poor tire care leads to reduced performance and handling, as well as excessive wear on tires and brakes. You will get more life out of your tires and reduce car troubles with these essential tire care tips:

1. Using Your Tire Gauge Regularly to Adjust Pressure with Weather Changes

Tire gauges are essential tools when it comes to maintenance for tires. It is a good habit to check your tire pressure when you fill up with gasoline. The changes in weather may cause tires to have low pressure. When your tires are not inflated properly, they will wear unevenly and begin to cause problems with handling and performance of your car. If the tire pressure is low, add air to the tire; when your tire pressure is too much, use the pin on the gauge to let some of the air out of your tire.

2. Making Sure Your Tires Are Balanced to Prevent Wear and Poor Handling Issues

Balancing tires is done with weights, which are mounted on the outside or inside rims. When you have exterior balancing-weights, hitting a curve or rough driving can knock them loose. Make sure that you have not lost weights when you check tire pressure. The weights that are mounted inside rims are less likely to come loose. Contact a tire store to balance your wheels with weights hidden inside the rims.

3. Rotating Your Tires Regularly and Balancing to Ensure Even Wear and Better Performance

The wear of your tires will vary from wheel to wheel. To ensure you do not have tires that wear differently than others, you will want to have your tires rotated. You can take your car into a tire shop, and they will be able to rotate and balance the tires for you. Rotating your tires will help improve performance and handling of your car. It is also important to have an alignment done, which will ensure that your suspension is straight and prevent tires from wearing unevenly due to suspension problems.

It is important to keep a pressure gauge in your glovebox to keep track of the air in your tires. Even with these good care habits, your tires will still eventually need to be replaced. Contact a tire shop to change your tires and do other maintenance tasks, such as balancing and alignments.