About To Replace Your Car's Tires? Make A Few Habit Changes To Maximize Their Lifespan

Posted on: 13 March 2017


Changing the tires on your vehicle is something that you will have to do several times in its lifespan. While there are suggestions for when you should replace your tires based on age or tread, this does not mean your tires will last as long as the maximum lifespan and this happens because of various circumstances. If you know that you will be spending some money on replacing the tires in the near future, you should start looking at ways that you can change your driving habits to make sure your new tires last long.

Reroute to Better Maintained Roads

Your typical commute may involve taking the fastest route, regardless of the road quality. In this case, you could be traveling on a path to work that needs major work done to the poorly maintained roads. It is ideal to avoid such scenarios because this will ultimately lead to wear and tear building up faster. Highways are typically the most well-maintained roads because the high speed of travelers demands safety. The speed consistency on highways compared to the braking, accelerating, and routine turning of driving on another path will prevent your new tires from wearing down faster than they normally should.

Make Tire Rotation a Priority

It is important not to forget about tire rotating after you get your new set installed. If you have a lot of free time, you should not hesitate to get your tires rotated every 3,000 miles. But you should still be able to enjoy positive results by scheduling an appointment with a tire shop every 5,000 miles. Since the front and back wheels naturally wear down at different rates, the consistent switching between them will lead to even wear across the board, which is just what you need to maximize the lifespan of the tires.

Buy and Use a Tire Gauge

Do not underestimate the importance of checking tire pressure on a regular basis. It is easy to get into the mindset that once the installation of new tires is complete, you do not have much else to do. But picking up a tire gauge and making it a habit to check the air pressure every week or two will prevent you from getting into a situation in which the tires are taking major damage from being so underinflated.

All it takes is a few habit changes to make a noticeable impact on the lifespan of your new tires. Contact a company like T & F Tire Supply Inc to learn more.