Tires Make A World Of Difference

Posted on: 22 March 2017


A good tire can change the way that your vehicle handles. you will find that a tire that is designed and created for a specific job, can increase your vehicle's capabilities. There is extensive engineering and technology that goes into making tires what they are today. Each different type of tire is going to be designed with a little bit different rubber, and give you the performance that you really want. Here are just a few aspects of why it is so important to purchase the right tire for a specific job. 

Winter Tires

If you live in an area that is snowy and icy, you may find that a good tire can save your life. Many tires are created out of very hard and tough rubber. These types of tires are good for other road conditions, but not winter. Think of a hockey puck sliding across the ice, you do not want hard rubber tires in the winter. The rubber that goes into the making of a good winter tire is going to be a bit softer, and there will also be additives such as silicone. The silicone or quarts that is added to the tires act as little spikes to give you the ultimate grip on ice. Now, these types of tires are great for winter months, but they will wear out extremely quickly if you try to use them during the summer. 

Off Road Tires

If you are going to be taking your vehicle off the asphalt ant into some mud or sand, you are going to want an off road tire. An off road tire is going to be engineered to give you maximum traction in loose sediment. These tires are going to come with wide tread that will grip the debris but not allow the debris to get stuck in the tread. The tires will also be a little softer than an average tire. This is to give you more spring and more traction in the loose sediment.

Summer Tires

If you are going to log most of your miles on roads that are pretty average, you are going to want a good summer tire. A summer tire is going to be constructed of pretty hard dense rubber, but a rubber that is going to heat up, and become a bit sticky. Now, don't think it is going to be like tar, but it is going to have a little adhesive property to it. This is going to give you superior grip on normal roads. 

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